ASM IT SolutionsComputer hardware engineers are responsible for the hardware configuration of a computer. They update systems by improving the components, layout and design of a computer for increased efficiency. They are expected to increase the speed and function of the computer.

 Monitor and ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation for PBX system.

Perform troubleshoot on computer communication systems to identify internetwork operation source.

Manage assembling and configuration of network components and related services.

Perform system maintain to ensure systems and related components integrity.

Develop and manage organization’s intranet site.

Perform site surveys and document site network’s configuration and user requirement.

Analyze requirement and determine current configuration requirement and prepare specification to facilitate hardware acquisitions.

Design technical packages for site installation and engineering plans and install hardware schedules.

Perform configuration and installation of software and hardware product used by internal clients.

Provide support to network printers, software and hardware and provide adequate training to internal clients to operate various systems and printers.

Coordinate with departments and provide consultative services to regional offices of organization.

Evaluate and load all computers with software packages such as operating systems, word processing, or spreadsheet programs.

Manage and ensure all computer systems and network components work systematically and efficiently.

Maintain computers at conference or seminar locations and conduct various meetings and conventions.

Install specific interconnection cables and provide training to site staff to use hardware properly.

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